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Block Salt (2 Bricks)

8 Kg Pack 

Tablet / Granular

10 Kg Bag 

Tablet / Granular

25 Kg Bag

 Five £35.00 £40.00£55.00 
 Ten £55.00 £60.00£100.00 
 Twenty £100.00 £100.00 £180.00 

All prices include free delivery within 30 miles of Fleet Hampshire.

Bulk orders of upto 50 Bags or 140 blocks are available for commercial users or neighbours wishing to benefit from bulk rates.

We also cater for small regular deliveries of one or two bags/packs which can be pre booked and paid in advance. Please call for more details.

For salt orders can be made at mail@totallysoft.com or on           01252 811159 or 01252 811524

Aqua Systems

01252 811159 or 01252 811524


HomeWater softenersDrinking FiltersSalt Prices